Why TestNexus?

          Have you ever noticed that it's easier to study with a real person than with online study or quiz programs? We sure have. This is probably because people can tell when your answer is right, even if it does not exactly match your notes. This is why TestNexus was created. That flexibility is what makes studying with humans great, so we imitated it.
          We use our own artificially intelligent language comprehension algorithm to tell you whether your answer to a question is correct even if it is phrased differently, or uses different wording. You don't even have to worry about punctuation, precise wording, or non-essential words such as "the" or "is" deciding if your entered quiz answers are correct. This lets you study in an easy and natural way, as if a real person were quizzing you. You can create your own Kits (labelled quizzes to store questions), and test yourself on them. You can even study other people's quizzes without creating an account, and present your kits to the world by making them public! Now, the question isn't why TestNexus, it's why anything else!

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Our Algorithm

          In order for TestNexus to properly judge the accuracy of an answer to a question, a language comprehension algorithm is used. This algorithm is called "Close Enough". The Close Enough algorithm can effectively comapre the meaning of two different statements, to check if the answer a user gives matches the expected answer, even if they are not exactly the same. For more informaion about the algorithm, or feedback, you can send an email to testnexusstudy@gmail.com. The algorithm is also soon to be available for use by third parties, to grade open ended tests or allow for simplified learning. For information on this, contact testnexusstudy@gmail.com